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Music Resources

Party time has subscribed to the RPM music service since 1994, which provides the latest hard-copy CDs in Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Top 40, and Country genres. To find the availability of a newer song or artist, use “Music Search” at Any song on a CD listed after T205 (January of 1994) is in the collection.

An easy way to audition music is iTunes. It runs on both PCs and Macs, and is very easy to download (its free!) and great to use. Go to the Apple Music Store (in iTunes) and just type in your request. You can listen to a 30 second clip for free or download the whole song for 99¢!

Professional Links

The links below are vendors who not only provide great services - they are personal friends who have been in the business a long time. They thoroughly know their profession and are great people to work with!

Entertainment Agency

John Fraser of Northstar Entertainment is a great resource for finding other DJs or live musicians.  He is also the best emergency resource to use if you have a time crunch or your entertainment plans have fallen through!     


Ralph Funaro -

Accomplished in Classical and Jazz.


Brandy -
Hush -
Moonglow -

Absolutely amazing bands!


Jane Lydick Staid -
Andy Tarsia -

Great technical skills and really easy to work with.

Printing and Copies

The Copy Shop -

Fishing Charter

Creature Charters -

Great for bachelor parties... Captain Paul always finds fish!


Resources that will help you get where you need to!
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