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Our Sound Gear

A quality sound system is used featuring an Apple iMac computer, Bose speakers and Denon professional CD players. Back-up equipment is also brought to each event.

Our Equipment

Partytime Productions uses superior quality equipment to provide a great sound! Here is the equipment we use from sound source to speaker.

A Denon professional DJ dual CD player starts things off right.

CDs are a higher quality sound source than MP3s. The sound is about as good as you can get.

A catalog with thousands of songs is stored on an Apple iMac Computer, allowing quick access to requested music. Custom client play-lists are sometimes programmed to play for dinner and other background music situations. The Apple music MP4 format is a step above MP3 used in other computers, and almost indistinguishable from CD quality sound.

The Mackie mixing board is a choice of many professional bands and just plain “sounds better” than many of the “made for DJs” boards being used. Not only is the sound crisp and clean, the multiple microphone inputs allow for clients or their guests to “plug-in” guitars and microphones for a token live song or two.

A Crown K2 power amp (an industry standard for top quality) provides tons of quiet, reliable power. The idea with a power amp is to have more power than you need to avoid pushing your equipment to the limit. This adds up to less distortion in the sound. Cleaner sound is easier on the ears!

Bose 802 commercial loudspeakers provide the smoothest sound you will ever hear. In addition, they are mounted up high on stands so that no one is being “blasted” in a small room. The speakers are small, so they do not intrude into an elegant room setting. Either 2 or 4 speakers are used depending on the room size. With 4 speakers, coverage is good for 300-400 guests in-doors, at dance music sound levels.

Bose L1 SystemFor indoor functions, the new Bose L1 Model 2 speaker system may be used. Either one or two of these systems can be used to provide the most advanced sound available today. They are simply amazing!

A Sure wireless microphone system is used. We have had no problems with interference with this set-up, and the sound is clear and strong.

The “little things” matter in sound system design. The ac power cords coming from the wall use contractor grade 12/3 gauge wire. If you’ve ever been in an older hall where the sound wavered, distorted, or suddenly cut out, the problem may have been a lack of clean electricity to the power amp (either due to the DJ having a discount store plug box and extension cord, or because the wiring in the hall itself was not up to modern code.)

In the same manner, the wire connections between the various components of the sound system must be good quality. Cables are large gauge (meaning the wire size on the inside) for the best sound to the speakers. For you tech buffs, we use a “balanced” connection system from the input side to the power amp resulting in zero hum!

It's all about Volume Control and EQ

The Most Important Part - The DJ is actually the most important component of the sound system. He is the one who will control the volume and equalization of the sound and at different stages of the party. We often have compliments from the guests about sound levels. And if you don’t like the volume, tell us - we’ll change it!

You can bring a super sound system to a gig, but if the controls are not set properly the sound quality can be less than optimal. We have the experience to properly locate the speakers and adjust the system so it works to perfection. We understand that the acoustics in some rooms impose limitations on sound levels and tone equalization. We work to be sure that the sound is great for the room your party is in.

Backup Sound Equipment

Backup sound equipment is kept in the truck at each party, so your party is never more than 10 minutes from getting “back on-line” should a malfunction occur.


You might not think of this as equipment, but the DJ will come dressed appropriately for your function, whether that means a full tux for a wedding or formal event, or shorts and a Hawaiian shirt for a theme party.


Computerized DJ Equipment
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